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In Ancient Egypt, this sacred stone was considered a symbol of eternal life, the gift of Toth Posted on 04 Nov 19:13 , 0 comments

Emerald was worshiped by ancient Incas and Chaldeans. Phoenicians devoted it to Ishtar goddess of fertility and love. It was revered in all the major religions for spiritual strength and beauty. In Ancient Egypt, it was considered a symbol of eternal life, the gift of Toth, God of wisdom and was a beloved jewel of the Queen Cleopatra. What makes this mystical stone so very special? 

The meaning of the Emerald

In ancient times, these green stones were called "The Heart of Spring", and they were considered the symbol of hope and future, of renewal and growth, of justice and harmony. The emerald was given a poetic name: "The Seeker of Love" and "discoverer of truth."

It is considered a "rock of happiness" because it is associated with a heart chakra (Anahata). It’s comforting energy is healing on all levels, bringing with it brilliance and joy. It gives inspiration and infinite patience, embodying compassion and unconditional love. The Emerald fosters friendships, maintains a balance between friends. It is known for its ability to strengthen marriage, family happiness and fidelity. In ancient Rome, it was devoted to the goddess of the love and beauty Goddess Venus and it was believed that the Emerald assisted in finding one’s significant other.

The Emerald is a stone of true vision and intuition and is linked to eyes and vision. For a long time, it was believed that it could predict future events and allows one to know the truth. It is the rock of wisdom, memory, and increased mental clarity. It combines intelligence with wisdom and brings into consciousness that which is stored in one’s subconsciousness. The Emerald also enhances psychic powers and opens the gift of clairvoyance.

This magnificent green rock has been a subject of admiration in many cultures for more than six thousand years. There is evidence that it was sold in the markets of Babylon 4,000 years BC. The emerald was worshipped by ancient Incas and Chaldeans, and Phoenicians devoted it to Ishtar goddess of fertility and love. Emerald was revered in all the major religions for spiritual strength and beauty.

In Ancient Egypt, the emerald was considered a symbol of eternal life, the gift of Toth, God of wisdom, it was a beloved jewel of the Queen Cleopatra. The emerald mines in Upper Egypt are among the oldest in the world, and they have been named the mines of Celpatra due to her love for the stone.

The emeralds were the talismans of Aristotle, Alexander the Great, Mughals in India. Emeralds were used to decorate the crowns and royal jewels in many parts of the world for centuries. And nowadays these precious stones continue to be of great value, they are a subject of pride to collectors, and they can be seen in the admirable exquisite decorations of the rich and the famous.

Magical Properties of the Emerald

It is a sacred stone of the Goddess Venus, helping to find and preserve love. It is said that wearing it will help your beloved to remain faithful. Emerald’s vibrations are like vibrations of love, and the emerald can become a bridge between two loving people. It is said that giving this stone to a beloved will keep them in your life forever, but only if your gift is made with a feeling of pure and genuine love. To attract romantic love, the emeralds are worn near the heart.

Perfect for the renewal of passion. It is said that the Emerald helps to renew ones relationship with a significant other. To do so, take the emerald, and keep it close to your lips, say the words that express your feelings for your love. Then give the stone to the person you want to renew the relationship with.

The emerald promotes self-esteem, especially for young girls and adolescents. It has a calming effect on the emotions that invigorating the mind. It is a wonderful crystal to stimulate artistic creativity and to draw attention to its creations.

Emerald is also known to support work, stimulates mental activity, strengthens memory, and gives inspiring eloquence to speeches. If you need to quickly memorize a lot of facts or learn new information, do it by holding the emerald in your hands. It creates a calming effect, promotes mental and emotional equilibrium, making it extremely useful for the establishment of cooperation and mutual understanding in the collective. Ideally suited to people in occupations where visionary illumination is a significant advantage. It's good to wear it for business success. Emeralds are believed to help in legal matters and litigation.

It is also a stone of fortunetellers and prophets, helping them to penetrate into the future. In some cultures, it was used in ancient times to make it rain. The most active time of the Emerald is in springtime, that is when it’s strength increases. During the full moon the emerald is at it’s strongest.


Healing properties of the Emerald

The emeralds have long been attributed with a variety of healing properties. It is said that the Emerald:

  • Assists in the treatment of fever, inflammation, liver disease, diabetes. may be useful against epilepsy, skin diseases (eczema, rash and skin irritation).
  • Has a beneficial effect on the heart and the immune system. It was thought that if you just look at the stone before you sleep, it prevents insomnia.
  • Emeralds are thought to have anti-aging properties, it is well suited to combat age related changes. Having this stone in the house helps to relieve fatigue and regain youthful cheerfulness.
  • It is considered to be the best among the stones to treat the eye and to restore sight. Contemplating on this beautiful green stone helps to relax your eyes. Eye wash with emerald water soothes the eyes and decreases inflammation. To make this eyewash, the emerald is left overnight in a container of pure spring water and can be used the next day as an eyewash.
  • Used to assist in healing heart disease.
  • It is a strong healer of the physical heart, and may be useful in treating the lungs, liver, gall bladder, pancreas and kidneys, as well as the spine and muscle system. It aids recovery after infectious illness, and its powerful green ray can assist healing of malignant conditions.
  • Emerald is a crystal of the heart, alleviating heaviness in the emotional field and nourishing the aura with an energy of hope, encouragement, gentleness and abundance. It heals heartbreak and gives the strength needed to overcome the misfortunes of life, clearing away negative patterns of victimization and loss of personal power by strengthening the physical and emotional heart centers. It is a stone of regeneration and recovery, bringing in freshness and vitality, love and compassion - for the self as well as for others

Emerald is a very powerful healing stone and that is why I was guided to use it in my world famous Archangel Raphael Disc. AA Raphael has come to me himself and given me directions on bringing forth a healing disc that would assist many in not only opening their heart charkas, not only connecting to AA Raphael but for overall healing and balancing.

All about Archangel Metatron Posted on 02 Sep 21:50 , 0 comments

My own introduction to Archangel Metatron happened many years ago when I was going through a very rough time. I was in the process of awakening and transformation but did not know what to do going forward. It was then that AA Metatron has come to me and showed me a blueprint for my very first disc, a disc that he said was for Anna. I quickly realized which Anna he meant and listened intently to each and every stroke of genius.

I stood up all night ordering very specific gemstones which had to be cut in a certain way to reflect the light, each one had to be of a certain shape, round, pyramid, leaf, etc. I needed copper and quartz glass that had to be of certain quality and shape.

When I woke up in the morning the image did not leave me, and I eagerly awaited for all the ingredients to arrive, and when they did with my hands shaking in anticipation of what I was going to create under the guidance of AA Metatron overwhelmed me with joy and enthusiasm. Few hours later the Original AA Metatron disc was born. It was breathtaking and so powerful.

Giving it to Anna has changed my life because it was from that moment that I started a new chapter of my life, designing metaphysical disc and tools for all of you. I am beyond grateful to AA Metatron and today would like to share with you a little bit more about who AA Metatron is.

From  my own experience with this Archangel I can say that he is one of the most benevolent and yet demanding teachers. I have to say that I see Metatron as a wise, very powerful, but incredibly modern type of teacher, a guide that has a sense of humor but can at any moment in time be very strict and even pushy at times.

Pushy in a good way, as he always knows what’s best for your soul seeing everything from birds eye view he guides and pushes one to their limit, which truly do not exist. He asks you to truly look deep within yourself and extract that magic that you have brought with you from the ethers. He is an incredible companion to have.

I only know him from the perspective of creating various metaphysical tools, but talking about him to others have painted a varied picture of Archangel Metatron. Gathering this information, I thought to share it with you today.

  • Metatron is like a powerful grandfather who at the same time is your dearest old friend. He comes to you in the most difficult moments and takes charge. Shaking you into your power he forces you to remember your inner being.
  • Demanding and yet very loving and warm, you know that his strictness comes from immense love for you. You know that he sees your potential and brings it forward.
  • Metatron is a big jokester and loves to joke by pointing out various signs and helping to bring forth various situations that leave me smiling. He points out the absurdity of various situations in life and at the same time, points out the miracle of synchronicity. Showcasing to me how easy life truly is, and that everything is within my reach, all I am out to do is listen, and trust.
  • The biggest point that Metatron and his team, and he does have a team of Angels who come to assist everyone through his energy, is trust in one’s own abilities. He shows you the way to the power of your own self, and makes you see that you truly are powerful and a creator of your own life. Giving you the tools that you need in order to carve out the type of path that you want to walk on this planet.

Metatron embodies all the mysterious metaphysical prowess of the ethers, ingenious to the scientific world of metaphysics he illustrates that anything is possible if only you allow your true powerful nature to shine through the exterior. He assists one in manifesting that which is unmanifest and like a strong gust of wind carries you to the right point in time on your journey to assure huge success in all of your endeavors.

You can call upon AA Metatron for assistance, but only if you are fully ready to take responsibility for your actions, listen to the guidance and be prepared to make significant changes in your life. Metatron is the Archangel of truth and will be honest with you whether you like it or not.

There is no sugarcoating when it comes to communicating with AA Metatron, he will tell you how it is, and will not listen to any excuses. He is patient but demanding, loving but strict, ever evolving within and without. This is one ally that you want to have on your team, a hurricane of transformation, an ally to all who are ready to change this world.

I love Archangel Metatron, work with him daily and infuse his energies in his AA Metatron Key that he has literally made me bring through to this planet – the AA Metatron Disc - This disc protects from various negative energies, psychic attacks, dark thought forms. It protects and activates the heart chakra, assists in healing various ailments and so much more.

Protects the home up to 13 feet in diameter from wherever this disc is located. Assists in opening up of various gateways for key holders.

Key holders are those who guard space portals around the globe. At specific moments in time these portals must be opened, and only the key holders can assist in opening these gateways. Metatron's Key assists in these endeavors as well by offering assistance, protection and energetic upliftment in doing so. If you are drawn to AA Metatron's Disc it only means that you are part of the Key Holder's Network. 

The Magic of Citrine Posted on 17 Aug 19:43 , 0 comments

Citrine is a stone with a variety of healing and magical properties.

A long time ago, it was believed that a ring with Citrine would guard against nightmares, the bad thoughts, calm the wearer down and improve dreaming. In ancient India, Citrine was considered as a mineral with projective energy of Yang. Yogis used it to treat intestinal diseases and stimulate the solar plexus. These qualities are only present in pure crystals without any inclusion. Modern alternative medicine therapists recommend wearing ornaments with Citrine to help with gastritis, cystitis, pyelonephritis. The stone reactivates the brain and accumulates vital energy. Citrine creates a powerful aura around the body that will protect against external adverse effects. You can use it to treat headaches. Also, the Citrine mascots will help children with speech defects.

Thanks to the positive energy of good luck and good spirits, the Citrine stone is endowed with the property to promote the normalization of friendly and kinship ties. The amulet will make the person more charming, eloquent and persuasive, and help with communication. Even in ancient Rome, the crystals of Citrine were worn by speakers and senators, thinking they were developing eloquence.

It is believed that the Citrine has a property to influence the area of the solar plexus-the centre of the balance of life forces.

The Crystal Citrine, with its natural energy, improves the psychophysical state of the body, raises the mood, tones, activates the mental activity, helps to overcome depression and chronic fatigue. The therapeutic action of Citrine also affects people with speech defects.

The science of color claims that yellow is conducive to financial well-being, and success.

The closer the shade of the Stone to the golden, the brighter the tone of the stone, the stronger it attracts wealth. Citrine, because of their natural sunlight, is perfect for business people, helping to make profitable deals, invest money, and earn income even in hopeless operations.

Gambling with Citrine will increase the chance of success in risky situations, and in the event of a loss, it won't lose the mental balance. This gemstone is helpful to those in the creative arts, helps to inspire new ideas, strength to implement various projects, and, at the same time, helping to ensure that these projects yield positive results to the wearer of citrine.

Citrine does not accumulate negativity and does not need any energy cleansing, which is very valuable.

Citrine is one of the ingredients in my world famous Goddess Vortex Sun Disc which Helps to Release Pain, Activates Solar Plexus, Helps to Soothe Digestive Track, Balances out Emotional Body, Transmutes Negativity, Activates Creativity, Uplifts, Upgrades, Activates and Purifies DNA


The Goddess Vortex disc acts as an accelerating device and an attunement instrument to cleanse your DNA from remnants and frequencies past which are affecting your body and your consciousness in a way that is against the good of your higher self. And as such allowing the ascension process to move forward without delay.

Using this disc will allow the energies to be magnified and applied directly to the one in question, and tune the body of the beholder and attune the DNA of the beholder with the frequency of THE SOURCE entering GAIA.

To learn more about the SUN DISC please click here.


Abundance Guide Part I -AA METATRON – 5D THINKING – INTENTION vs. EXPECTATION – UTILIZING THE LAW OF ABUNDANCE Posted on 12 Aug 10:04 , 0 comments

Hello and Welcome to the Abundance Guide Part I.

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Here is a preview of Part 1 of the Abundance Guide. The following article is taken from Anna Merkaba's site.

Greetings everyone! I hope you are all doing phenomenally well! Today I would like to share with you Part 1 of 3 of "How to tune into Abundance manifesting anything that you want into your reality". 

Some of you may have seen this information before, but many of you have not as you continuously are asking me "How do I become abundant?". The answer is rather simple and today I would like to share with you PART 1 of the "How to Guide".  

I would like to start with a channeling that I have received from AA Metatron a while back which is called Expectation vs. Intention.

"It is through INTENTION rather than EXPECTATION that you create the reality of your BEing. It is through the power of your mind, the power of your thinking process that you are able to fully coherently and cognitively co-create a new platform, a new reality of informational encodings. It is through YOUR endeavors that you incorporate the pure frequencies of the new world. It is through finding the BALANCE within, and it is through your patience with self, through your determination to strip naked before your very own self, getting to point ZERO that you shall be able to set yourself free. Free from restrains and outdated programming. Free from all that you believe you should be, for what you believe completely and fully forms your cognitive experience, the experience of the NOW moment in time.

And so, it is imperative that you INTEND instead of EXPECT for various outcomes to manifest. For expectation is nothing more than admittance of self-limitation. For when you EXPECT a certain outcome, you expect it from the perspective of DEFINED objectives based solely on the five senses that you are equipped with, whereas INTENTION utilizes ALL senses at your disposal, by attracting various frequencies to swirl in specific formations in order to deliver that which you wish to experience, whilst setting no boundaries and no set agendas or expectations, allowing one to fully and cognitively exit “the box” and explore the world unbeknownst to you prior..."

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And for some of you during this time Natalya Ankh’s new Abundance Disc may come in handy. The name speaks for itself. It is about helping you to draw in abundance energies into your life so that you can use them to create what you wish. Filled with the loving energies of various celestial deities, this powerful tool should assist you in attracting the type of change that you wish into your life. This is a gorgeous disc and is something that you would showcase for all to see. It should be placed in a prominent location either in your home or office. To learn more about the Abundance amplifier disc please click here.




Garnet Gemstone - a Living Flame Illuminating Noah's way Posted on 24 Jul 22:29 , 0 comments

Garnet is one of the most beautiful natural stones that looks like seeds of a pomegranate fruit. In some countries around the world it is actually called pomegranate. The "seeds" of the garnet are characterized by a certain living aura and energy.

They are very much like the seeds of the pomegranate (fruit). By the way, the name of the stone from the Latin "Granatus" is translates as "similar exteriors". That is the name that was given to this gem by the famous medieval alchemist Albert Magnus.

An extravagant, very "delicious" stone with a juicy, saturated palette and an astonishing glasslike glow. The garnets are quite diverse in nature, more often they come in a red and dark hues, less often you can find garnets in orange, purple, green, purple, or black.

Whatever the shade of the garnet, it is almost always possible to know that this stone is very special. The breads of the garnet have complex, fantastically beautiful shades. The charming shades of the garnet are determined by the composition of this mineral.  This exquisite red hue is due to a high concentration of iron in this stone.

 Garnet the gemstone of antiquity

People found out about the garnet more than 3,000 years ago. In antiquity and the Middle Ages, garnets were used frequently. In ancient sources, the great many legends and descriptions of the garnets have survived. The Red Garnet is described in the Bible as a "living flame illuminating Noah's way in the darkness of the world's flood."

In the ancient east and later in the Middle Ages, the stone of the garnet was a symbol of permanence, faithfulness and loyalty. Items made with garnets have been given to others as a token of respect and a very high position. The owner of the stone was believed to be gaining power over the people.

The ancient Mongols considered red garnets to be sacred. The Mongolians described garnet as "dragon blood Drops". And in some of the sacred books of the ancient Mongols, garnets appear as "frozen flame of volcanoes glowing in the dark". It was believed that the holder of this mineral was gaining power over people and material well-being.

The witches of the east considered the main magical property of the garnet to increase passion and love. According to ancient eastern beliefs, when a man was overcome with passion and lust  the garnet bracelets he wore would ignite with passionate fire, and shine with incredible brilliance as if "infused with blood of the wearer”.

In ancient Persia, garnet was considered as the "Royal Stone". On the surface of the largest pieces of this mineral, the images of most powerful Persian rulers, as well as images of the gods, were carved. Such works of art have been named "gems". These works of stunning beauty today can be seen in the finest museums of the world as a living evidence of the high skills of ancient artists-engravers.

Garnets symbol of sacredness

Garnet is considered a symbol of the wise, pure and good heart. This rock loves people of pure intentions and noble nature and doesn’t like the selfish and those seeking power. Those lacking self control will not be harmed from wearing this stone, but it won’t help them either. It’s vibrations won't affect the energy of these people.

The shade of the garnets resembles that of blood more so than any other gemstones. In the olden times, as we know, friendship and love often was sealed with blood in a literal sense of the word, making small incisions in the palm each other’s hands, symbolically "connecting" each other's blood. This ritual gave relationships the highest status, sacred. That is why the bloody hue of the garnet defined the view of this minerals as a sacred stone.

If you like to travel, then the garnet will be the best jewel to take with you on a trip. In olden times this stone was thought to be able to protect a traveler from all the misery and trouble on the road! Also in its energy, minerals are suited to reformers, people with spiritual purpose, pure soul and thoughts.

A jewel made with garnet is thought to helps family life, foster relationships within families as well as children.

One of the strong properties of garnet is the cleansing of living quarters from negative energy. And the vibrations of garnet transmutes negative energy not only from home, but also from all its inhabitants, by expelling and transmuting negative thought forms.

I use Garnet as part of the ANKH KEY DISC - Sacral Charka Activator
Psychic Ability Enhancer, Self Acceptance, Bridging Heaven and Earth
. Ankh Key allows you to feel more grounded and balanced regarding your sensual sensations of being in a human body. It is not only intimacy on the physical level, it is intimacy on the emotional level.


The Ankh Key Disc aligns you with your own self helping you to experience LIFE here on earth and integrating your etheric self.

This disc is known for activating the sacral chakra and releasing all the negativity in regards to intimacy and sex that is stored in your body.

This Ankh Key Disc also activates your psychic abilities, working on the sacral chakra allowing you to become sensual and be able to attune yourself to the needs of others. Helping you in building strong relationships with others.


The Secret Crystal of Pharaoh Tutankhamun Posted on 24 Jul 22:16 , 0 comments

Smokey Quartz also known as Morion is the stone of the ancients. It is said that Pharaoh Tutankhamun wore sunglasses made from thin layers of Smokey Quartz. And the alchemists of medieval times used it to search for a philosophical stone that would turn any unprecious metal into gold.

The name of the stone is of Greek origin from "Morysso"-black. Morion is a dark brown or black quartz with a glass glow. The stone is so rare because of the radiation that affects it.

The mineral protects the body and soul of its owner. Jewelry with smokey quartz helps to eliminate any accumulated negative energy. Smokey Quartz transmutes all negative energy, that is directed at the wearer of the stone as well as the one that comes from the wearer into positive pristine energy.

This black crystal, helps people achieve their personal and business goals.

Smokey Quartz is often used as an amulet of a desire that helps dreams become reality. The black morion, brings abundance and prosperity, but only if people are determined to be positive and not to pursue selfish needs.

The crystal helps improve organizational skills. Smokey Quartz helps to inspire creativity. In addition, the Black Crystal helps its owner to prioritize life's priorities by bringing wisdom in domestic matters. The emotional stone of Smokey Quartz raises the mood, helps to overcome negative emotions, and to alleviate depressive symptoms.


The properties of Smokey Quartz relieve people of stress, imagined fears, jealousy, anger, and such negative emotional manifestations, converting them into positive energy.

The mineral morion can strengthen human spiritual forces and help people to calm down. Wearing ornaments with smokey quartz is recommended to people who have lost close relatives, thus disregarding negative thoughts. Smokey Quartz can help people leave all the negative in the past to focus on the future.

I use smokey quartz along with citrine and other magic ingredients in my world famous Goddess Vortex – Sun Disc which Helps to Release Pain, Activates Solar Plexus, Helps to Soothe Digestive Track, Balances out Emotional Body, Transmutes Negativity, Activates Creativity, Uplifts, Upgrades, Activates and Purifies DNA


The Goddess Vortex disc acts as an accelerating device and an attunement instrument to cleanse your DNA from remnants and frequencies past which are affecting your body and your consciousness in a way that is against the good of your higher self. And as such allowing the ascension process to move forward without delay.

Using this disc will allow the energies to be magnified and applied directly to the one in question, and tune the body of the beholder and attune the DNA of the beholder with the frequency of THE SOURCE entering GAIA.

To learn more about the SUN DISC please click here.


Mysteries of the Sun Flower Posted on 22 Jun 22:25 , 0 comments

The sunflower moves itself in the most direct position in front of the sun so it can get the maximum sun rays. This is symbolic of spiritual faith, and worship because we follow our belief system as the sunflower moves to face the life-giving rays of the sun.

The sunflower is the Greek symbol of Clytie (a water nymph) who turns into a sunflower after grieving over the loss of her love (Apollo). The mythological symbolism here is that Clytie (in the form of a sunflower) is always facing the sun, looking for Apollo's chariot to return and she might be joined again with her love. The sunflower is also a symbol of Daphne (another Greek nymph).

In Chinese symbolism, the sunflower (and sunflower meaning) deals with long life, good luck and is considered very auspicious. It's yellow color signifies vitality and intelligence. It's a symbol of happiness too.

In esoteric Christianity, the sunflower is a symbol of God's love. The sunflower as a symbol can also represent the unwavering faith that guides the soul to the highest spiritual attunement.

Sunflower is a perfect symbol for the faith because the blossom (bright and bountiful) is always seeking out the light. Symbolically, this is spiritually akin to the heart/soul of humankind always seeking and attaining unity with the light of faith and keeping a connection with the Source/God/Goddess of one's own understanding.

As a yellow flower, the sunflower can be compared to the solar-plexus chakra (Manipura). This chakra (and its color) governs intellect, and is a central force of perception as well as self-awareness and personal evolution.

Actually, the symbolism of water comes into play with sunflower meaning too. According to Ted Andrews in his book Nature-Speak, later builds up in the cells of the shady side of the sunflower's stem and pressure forces the blossoming head in a steady arc toward the direction of light. Water carries powerful symbolism of force, emotion, cleansing and purification.

Sunflower is the symbol that is an integral part of my world famous Goddess Vortex – Sun Disc which Helps to Release Pain, Activates Solar Plexus, Helps to Soothe Digestive Track, Balances out Emotional Body, Transmutes Negativity, Activates Creativity, Uplifts, Upgrades, Activates and Purifies DNA. 

I woke up at night and was pushed urgently to create this disc. I saw the sunflower in my mind clearly. Each dot in the center of the disc had to be perfectly aligned, to create a vortex of sorts. I did not understand what the emergency was. I asked my guides to explain to me what is this disc and what does it do.

The answer was quite surprising. This Disc works on your DNA codes. It somehow upgrades the DNA sequence. This disc also works on Solar Plexus and connects all the other chakras.


The Goddess Vortex disc acts as an accelerating device and an attunement instrument to cleanse your DNA from remnants and frequencies past which are affecting your body and your consciousness in a way that is against the good of your higher self. And as such allowing the ascension process to move forward without delay.

Using this disc will allow the energies to be magnified and applied directly to the one in question, and tune the body of the beholder and attune the DNA of the beholder with the frequency of THE SOURCE entering GAIA.

To learn more about the SUN DISC please click here.




Archangel Gabriel - The Voice of GOD Posted on 31 May 12:34 , 0 comments

The messenger of Spirit, Archangel Gabriel brings us good news in abundance! The energy of Archangel Gabriel is used to draw many messages of good news that uplift our spirits and help us to feel more fully connected with the Universal mind and flow. Gabriel alerts us to be awake and aware, to pay attention to what messages we in turn are giving out to the world and Universe each day so that only the best may be sent out to return to us as even more beneficial energies.

Archangel Gabriel is the most prominent representative from the Angelic kingdom for the white flame, and her task is to channel and distribute the energy of the white Ray.

Archangel Gabriel is an Angel of annunciation and edification. She sustains the perfection of the untainted Divine plan for every individual, for every incarnated Angel, and for the whole planet Earth. Archangel Gabriel is the messenger of God, Angel of the fourth Ray of purity, artistic creation, resurrection and ascension.

Archangel Gabriel is the most prominent representative from the Angelic kingdom for the white flame, and her task is to channel and distribute the energy of the white Ray.

Archangel Gabriel is an Angel of annunciation and edification. She sustains the perfection of the untainted Divine plan for every individual, for every incarnated Angel, and for the whole planet Earth. Archangel Gabriel is the messenger of God, Angel of the fourth Ray of purity, artistic creation, resurrection and ascension.

Call up Archangel Gabriel and ask Him for grace and inner purification, to help you dissolve old discordant memories, deeply rooted bad habits, and thought patterns that lower the vibrations of your subtle bodies down. Pray to Archangel Gabriel for order and discipline in your life, so that everything can go smoothly, easily and without friction. Imagine pure white flame around your being, and let your spirit surface and rise to greater spiritual heights.

Ask for His cosmic strength of love, so that you can be resurrection and life of all that is good in your life stream, to be resurrection and life of your eternal youth, beauty, perfect vision, hearing, limitless strength and energy, perfect health, and achieve abundance of money and all good things. Pray to Archangel Gabriel for accomplishment of the Divine plan that has been karmicly determined. All people wear around their necks an invisible plate upon which their karma is clearly written. But hardly anyone of them is interested for this writings and even fewer are willing to work on this issue. So, you try to work on that, have hope and you will succeed. The Divine complement of Archangel Gabriel is Hope.
Gabriel is known as the messenger of God and the bringer of good news and hope. It is this Archangel that was said to have appeared to Mary to give her news of the impending birth of Christ. Gabriel brings news of one's spiritual destiny, that which the soul has agreed to embark upon in this lifetime. Gabriel also teaches us that no destiny is more important than another, it is just a high a destiny to tend sheep in a field as it is to be a "Spiritual Leader" or guru. Gabriel holds the books of knowledge, he was with Spirit at the beginning of creation and noted in his records the destiny and focus of each individual Soul as it was brought into being. This makes this Archangel of extreme importance in understanding one's path through life and its overall greater significance. Gabriel is said to appear to them who are ready to grasp and move forward on their destiny and in so doing Gabriel brings an ever increasing abundance of messages and hope that what one is seeking may be manifested or accomplished. Gabriel speaks to many through the heart, not the mind. It is through the voice of emotion, when one thinks of a path and feels the heart and soul soaring, that is Gabriel bringing the message that it is indeed the proper path to pursue.

Part of the "job" of this Archangel is to make us more aware that we are always receiving messages from the Universe, they are all around us and yet so often we walk right past the signs and omens that were designed to answer our every question or the signposts that point the way to our greatest success and fulfillment. Working with this Angel helps to instill a sense of childlike joy and wonder, turning the process into a game in which one asks a question of the Universe and then sees how many signs one can find in a single day. The means through which the Universe and this Archangel uses to answer questions we have been asking or to send us the sign posts to which way we need to turn in our lives next is truly extraordinary. Even simple tasks such as going to the supermarket and noting which items seem to be calling your attention, noting what the person behind or ahead of you in the queue is saying to someone else, seeing something in the sales bin that relates directly to your question in some way (and shows that the solution or answer takes less time and energy than you might have thought!) can be used as a guideline for greater awareness.
Gabriel is also the bringer of resurrection and the knowledge that nothing ever dies but simply changes to a different form and is born anew in other realms of existence. For those whose life path involves channeling in all it's forms, Gabriel is present, helping to keep the airways clear and to help the channel to focus upon the highest and purest aspects of the messages.

This Archangel when called upon will greatly assist the channel in tapping into their highest guides and teachers that information that can truly serve and support others may flow easily. At times the messages that come through may sound harsh to some and yet Gabriel seeks to bring awareness above all and will use any means possible to get the message across in the way the person needs to grab their attention. Gabriel has been known to bring messages of good cheer and hope as well as words and dreams of warnings.

Yet as with all things on this level of the Universe he will not interfere with another's free will. It is his purpose to deliver the message and then to stand aside and allow the individual to act or not act upon it as they see fit. One know that it is indeed Gabriel who is speaking to one when the emotions come into play and the taking or not taking of action brings either great joy or a profound sense of relief, even though it may be tinged with some sorrow.

Gabriel brings us messages yet we must act upon them in ways that are practical and appropriate. At times people have difficulty acting upon the messages as they feel the steps will be too difficult or the process will take too long instead of focusing on what other treats and surprises could come out of the steps, benefits that we would never have been made aware of had we not taken even those first few steps. As one person found by acting on the messages this Angel was sending her, she made a wonderful new friend, she learned how to properly manage her money for the first time in her life, her belief in her ability to create what she desired sky rocketed and many small gifts and blessings were strewn on her path, all because she choose to heed the messages that the Universe and Gabriel were bringing her! She found the process fun and enjoyable, not a painful torture as she had first assumed it would be!

This Angel has appeared to you today to bring you messages of hope and good cheer as well as to signal that it is time for you to begin to become more aware of all the messages that the Universe and he are sending you. You may have a need for some answers to some difficult questions or you may have been wondering if things will ever improve in your life! Gabriel has appeared to say that they shall yet you must also look at the theme or focus of the messages you have been receiving so you will know what actions to take. Think carefully about what you are saying to others and what they are saying to you. Do these words serve you or hinder you in your life? Are they positive and uplifting or do they focus on negativity and lack? Like all the Angels, Gabriel will never judge you for anything you think or say! Yet he will urge you to focus on those things that bring you a sense of joy, peace and gratitude for the great mystery that is all of life.
Archangel Gabriel Disc will help you to connect easier with energy of Archangel Gabriel. It will help to Increase the flow of love, prosperity, and wealth into your life. This amazing tool will help you to link to your own higher self, help to bring forth your subconscious connection to your divine plan, your earthly mission.
Love, Light, Abundance, Peace, Harmony and Bliss – these are the words to describe this magnificent angel. But Archangel Gabriel stands for so much more. Gabriel stands for a direct link to your own higher self, direct link to bring forth your subconscious connection to your divine plan, your earthly mission.

All about the Anahata Chakra- Heart Charka Posted on 21 May 19:10 , 0 comments

When a child is born, the first thing that he reacts to is his mother’s soul. At birth, he does not realize his body or his mother's body, he only feels the soul. When she is finally born this separation from the mother is quite traumatic and the child wants to go back to the mother's womb. At this level, her mind and ego are not yet developed. It is a pure spirit, and it is the spirit that seeks comfort in the spirit of the mother, and through this connection the child seeks comfort and support in a new, unfamiliar environment. Such a reaction is true love, or unconditional love, it is not a response, but a pure joy in the unity of two spiritual beings.

The heart chakra is the abode of the true "I", the Spirit, the Atma-these words mean the same thing. Sri Mataji says, "You are the spirit that is inside of you." We need to understand and become the spirit and stop living in a silly, illusory world. We are beginning our path of spiritual growth after we have attained our own realization, when we stop identifying ourselves with the body, mind, and emotion. Only after such enlightenment can we direct our attention into our heart and cleanse it. The spirit is awakened only in a pure and open heart, and then we feel the endless joy of peace and understand the meaning and purpose of our stay here on earth. We cleanse our hearts through pure desire and through our attention. Pronunciation of mantras, such as "I am a pure soul" is very effective for our transformation, but this should not be a mechanical action but must come from the heart.


Pure love that enlightens us is the quality of the heart chakra. Before enlightenment we seldom love for the purpose of love, because we confuse love with lust because of our conditioning. Pure Love is unconditional, it has no purpose, like a tree that throws a shadow without prejudice and reason to anyone. True love comes from the heart, not the body or the mind.

In India, when the groom enters the bride's house, she greets him at the doorstep and pays homage to his spirit. Marriage is a spiritual union. Without the recognition of the spirit, marriage will be unstable. This condition, in turn, has an adverse effect on the heart center and makes it insecure. Hence, instead of trust between husband and wife, there is a latent anxiety. Many of the problems of insecurity in our society arise from such emotional scars, not only because of the anxiety about money and material things.

Love often mistakenly perceived as the love between a man and a woman. In fact, love is a flow of life that flows in all directions: between children and parents, sisters and brothers, friends, older people, etc. When people unite and care for each other, then the heart centre of the whole world opens. This creates a collective consciousness that changes the world for the better.

It's the power of love. Love is the fundamental principle of all the vibrations. We say that God is love, and love is God. There's no "I" and "You" in true love, but a spirit of unity. In this state we experience true human unity, the true union of life. We can be of different colors of skin, of different shapes, of different qualities, but once we become a spirit, all the drops become a single ocean with vibrations dancing to different rhythms, they take different forms, they go apart, and they connect again in the Eternal cosmic dance. Hatred and envy form a thread that flows in the opposite direction of cosmic rhythms. Where there is love, there is growth, a holiday, a joy and ascension.

Anahata Chakra- Heart Charka – What it’s responsible for

The green chakra resides in the middle of the chest.  It is responsible for the sensual thin body of man. Anahata connects the upper and lower chakras, allowing energy to circulate as intended by the creator. It combines the material, emotional, spiritual and intellectual origins of man. The symbol Anahata is the six pointed star. Its center symbolizes the heart chakra, and the vertices of the geometric shape, similar to the star of David, signify the rest of the chakras.

Among the things that Anahata (heart) chakra is responsible for at the physical level is the cardiovascular system, the arms and the skin. As in the case of chakra Vishuddha, the lungs fall into its sphere of influence.

There are many definitions that are meant to explain what love is. If you look at the value of Anahata, you can determine that it is a collection of physical desires, emotions and feelings, spiritual desires, and intellectual pursuits. Anahata is the energy center of love that depends on loving and caring, and compassion. That's why Anahata is a source of healing abilities.

Healing through magic is available only to people who can empathize with other people's problems, who can be compassionate, to feel love for all creatures living on earth. It is simply impossible to gain magical powers by ignoring chakras in general, and Anahata in particular.

It is responsible for the ability to establish contact with others, and without it, it is impossible to establish contact with the universe. In addition, Anahata gives you the opportunity to see the beauty of nature, its harmony and its cyclical character. A man who can observe the harmony of the world will seek to harmonize his life. Anahata turns words into feelings and emotions by interacting with the throat chakra. Flowing down to the solar plexus, the emotions are purified and replenished by a reserve of personal strength and vital energy.


The balanced heart charka paints the following picture.

A person with a healthy heart chakra remains faithful to their other half. They never cheat on their partner. Because, such people are well aware of what family values and are happily married.

Such individuals experience love for all. They feel the creator's power in any living creature. Such people can behold nature and love it. They often find themselves able to magically work through the forces of nature. An open Anahata does not allow you to be unsure. People with a harmonic heart chakra are not afraid to show their weak side. They're always confident, they don't have any internal conflicts.

A healthy chakra helps one to accept the feelings of others. Its holders are always calm about the emotions of close people. They also don't like to keep their emotions bottled up. In communication, people with a harmonious anahata like to be able to read the thoughts of others. They can feel the emotions and feelings of others, and also use their very developed intuition. Maybe that's why they're not afraid to express their feelings and be rejected. It's nice to talk to people like that. After talking to them, the problems and the difficulties just vanish.

However, the harmony of their internal peace is not violated, and emotions coming from the outside do not violate it. People who don't need to find an answer to a question about how to unlock anahata never have any problems communicating. They are sought for assistance in a difficult situations, and they readily come to the rescue, all the way being grateful that they are able to assist others. Such individuals are willing to help everyone who comes onto their path even those whom they do not know. They enjoy helping others.

When the heart charka is blocked.

If, on the other hand, the 4 Chakra Anahata is blocked, it is manifested in the form of frequent colds. There may also be insomnia, chronic fatigue and constant tension, and inability to relax and rest. In addition, heart diseases is a symptom of anahata imbalance. High or low blood pressure, frequent pains in the heart — these signs should be a cause of alarm.

Problems with the green chakra make a person incapable of fidelity. The problem in relationships is a first sign that there are issue in the heart charka and it is important for these inviduals to find out how to open their Anahata’s.  

Those with heart charka imbalance are often convinced that they are not worthy of love. They are rude and unemotional, most often unable to build a strong family. Such individuals are not always left alone, causing suffering to close people.

An individual with a closed heart chakra is unable to believe in miracles. The fact is that the power of faith goes into the etheric body of man through heart and throat chakras. If one of them does not work correctly, the person will close the emotions and feelings. He can love, but that love is far from divine. Selfishness is a rather mundane feeling. Sometimes people with imbalanced chakras enjoy to ridicule others ' feelings and consider expression of feelings as their weakness.

Sometimes imbalances in Anahata manifest in one imposing their feelings onto others. They want to forcefully take care of others regardless of whether others need their care. In this case, they will not get back what they gave to others because entrance of the heart chakra is blocked. This leads to emotional and energetic exhaustion, as well as anger and resentment against the entire world.

That is why it is so important to keep your heart charka in balance. Archangel Raphael’s energies can assist in keeping your Anahata balanced. Which is exactly what my world famout AA Raphael Disc does. It opens the heart charka and keeps it in balance, it connects one to the energy of AA Raphael and the healing universal energy of love and so much more. An overall healing disc AA Raphael is sure to find a special place in your heart.


Melchizedek Clearing out of Past Emotions Quick and Simple Reconnection Technique Posted on 27 Apr 17:46 , 0 comments

There are seven subtle bodies, or layers, around the physical body, which create the auric body system (aura). It is commonly said that these layers are like an onion, and that when you peel one away, you'll reach the next, but this is not true. As you extend inward, the one before is also present within the next aura layer. For example, the outer most body is the causal, or Ketheric body. The next is layer is the celestial body, which contains itself and the causal body. As you go inward, towards the first layer (the etheric) it will be the densest because it holds all seven subtle bodies. And of course, there is the physical body, which is the densest of them all.

The seven subtle bodies can be broken down as follows: There are three physical plane bodies, three spiritual plane bodies and the astral body, which is the bridge between the lower and higher bodies (some teachings claim that the astral is the fourth in the spiritual bodies). The lower three bodies process energies dealing with the physical plane, whereas the upper three process energies from the spiritual planes. Ịt is said that the energies from the higher planes must pass through the "fire of the heart" - the heart chakra-- to reach and be of full use by the lower bodies.

Each level of the aura has its own seven chakras, which are nested within the other auric chakras. As each layer extends outwards, the chakras vibrate at higher rates. So the seven chakras within the etheric body will be vibrating at a much lower frequency then the seven chakras within the causal body. So in actuality, the base chakra, for example, will have 7 major chakras, all vibrating at different frequencies. This way, energy can be transmuted between all bodies to all chakras.

First Layer (The Etheric Body)
This is the closest energy body to the physical. It is what is made evident through Kirlian photography. The etheric body extends one quarter to two inches beyond the physical body and pulsates at about 15-20 cycles per minute. The entire body, including organs, can be perceived but it is made of a bluish (emotional) or gray light (highly active).

Second Layer (The Emotional or Astral Body)
Since this is the emotional body, it is associated with feelings. It is more fluid in nature, and does not duplicate the body, as does the etheric body. This body is about one to three inches from the physical body. Unlike the etheric body, which is blue or grayish in nature, this is more like colored clouds that change color depending on what kind of emotions the person is going through. Love, joy, excitement, and even anger will result in very brilliant hues, whereas confused emotions will result in muddy tones. This body contains all the colors in the rainbow.

Third Layer (The Mental Body)
With an even more subtle composition, the mental body holds our thoughts and mental processes. It extends three to eight inches from the body, and generally has a yellow light, which radiates around the head and shoulders, and extends to the body below. This yellow will brighten if a person is deep in thought, or concentrating on mental activities. Although the color associated with this body is yellow, other colors are evident if there is an emotion associated with the thought (stemming from the emotional body).

Shared by Anna Merkaba " The “Clearing out of Past Emotions Reconnection Technique by Melchizedek” This technique is very simple and incredibly effective, as I’ve been testing this technique out on myself in the last few weeks and it works!

However, to help you visualize everything better and to put everything into the “physical” perspective I did receive a download of a grid for you to use. What’s interesting to me is that Natalya Ankh has received a template from Melchizedek at the same time for a tool which she has brought into our physical reality to help us reconnect better with ourselves, or rather to help reconnect all three of our subtle bodies “etheric, emotional and mental”.

Once again it is up to you to decide if you will need the assistance from various tools or not, but just like I always say, we can do everything on our own, such as walk, but we more often than not choose to drive a car to get places. The same thing here, all the tools that we are given by our benevolent counterparts are here to assist us in making these shifts as productive as possible, allowing us to move swifter through various dense energies, achieving self mastery and fully opening up to our true potential.

Melchizedek’s technique: At the moment of experiencing whatever emotion that comes over you, here’s what you would do:

fda46b18bef9d90972d37bd343ffecd6Step 1: The technique involves holding two fingers (index & middle) on your forehead where the third eye is. Thinking of the emotion that you are experiencing and stating “I understand that I am experiencing _____ (put whatever emotion you are experiencing here), for example “ I understand that I am experiencing anger. I fully understand that this is the emotion that I am experiencing. I understand and I acknowledge and accept that I am experiencing Anger. But… “

Image result for heart chakraStep 2.
As you acknowledge this emotion, you tap 3 times on your third eye with your fingers and then you move your hand slowly down to your heart chakra middle of the chest and as you hold your fingers on your heart chakra you say “But, although I appreciate having experienced the emotion of ___ (anger), and I do understand that I am experiencing this emotion due to whatever circumstances, I wish to replace this emotion with ___ (here you state whatever you want to replace this emotion with, for example “with peace” so that I can evaluate given circumstances from the place of Love” and then you tap 3 times on your heart chakra.

You should feel better immediately. Which would allow you to take a look at the situation that is causing you to feel this emotion from an impartial perspective where you would be able to evaluate what has happened and what has triggered you to feel this emotion, get to the root of the cause, understand the lesson, learn from it and finally let it go.

This technique is to help you to quickly get back to balance and keep a balanced outlook, to help your emotional body adjust to your heart’s signals and find balance in the most conflicting situations. However, you still need to really look at any situation in-depths in order to really learn from it and truly to let go of whatever the trigger is, that keeps you in an unbalanced state.


Here is where the Second Part of this equation comes in. What you see here is a grid that should help you by focusing your mind, and helping you to continue the releasing and letting go process. This is a way for you to consciously understand what is happening and release all of this through conscious evaluation and meditation.

What you would do is write down “what was” in the space where you see “what was” on this grid, think about everything that is causing you to continue experiencing this or that emotion and replace it consciously with whatever you wish there to be in its place by writing down whatever you wish to replace “what was” with “what is” into the space provided titled “what is”. After doing so, you would then meditate on this grid, on this picture you see below. This would help to further solidify a new understanding and cognition of issues that you have experienced which have brought you to this moment and help you move forward.


And finally, the tool that Melchizedek and the Company of Heaven have asked Natalya Ankh to bring forth into our physical reality called “Melchizedek’s Reconnection Tool”.

Melchizedek's Reconnection Device is imprinted with energies which assist all three of your subtle bodies to come into complete alignment, balancing out various energies and helping you to heal your body. This disc is The Healing  Key, that works holistically to harmonize the mind, body, emotions and spirit, helping to increase your feeling of well-being, and neutralize negativity. The disc can be placed on specific points of the body  for 10-15 min or so ,to bring relief. Keeping this tool near you also helps to ameliorate various conditions.

Since stones and crystals vibrate and emit pure, strong vibrations at constant rates, they can be used to help eliminate distortions and restore proper balance, leading to better overall physical, mental and spiritual well being. Each stone and crystal emits subtle vibrations that influence a specific area of your body. Matching the stone or crystal to its specific use allows you to get the most benefit from these natural gifts of harmony.

What this means is that while holding this tool in your hands and meditating upon this tool you would be introducing reconnective energies to assist all of these subtle bodies in adjusting and connecting with each other in order to work in unison, giving you an opportunity to purify yourself further and finally release whatever blockages you are experiencing in your life on an emotional front at this moment, assisting you in fully moving forward. To learn more about this tool please see :